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75 Dollar Bill
I Was Real

Third album from 75 Dollar Bill. Their sound is something like ambient blues? The guitar sound is there, but it's sparse and often left to ring out. Bluesy riffs are looped while percussion grooves along behind it. This all makes I Was Real surprisingly dancey and fun. An incredibly moving album that offers a moving alternative to what minimalism can be. 

75 Dollar Bill
Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock

No, 75 Dollar Bill. That's not how you play Tetris. It doesn't even work on paper. Anyway, this is a duo-plus-quintet of people who got together to play such instruments as wood, plastic, and rhythm, making an interesting music that isn't confined to any singular global scene, but definitely sounds like a chamber version of Goat. Long, dusty jams for your eternal journey.