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Jon Langford / Martin Bramah
Worm In Your Ear / Stone Tumbling Stream (fast version)

Martin Bramah, an early and key Fall member, and key Mekons member Jon Langford present to you the results of a one-off recording session they had. Worm In Your Ear is a new song prepared especially for the occasion, whereas the B-side of this 7” is a sped-up take on a Bramah classic. Single on Tiny Global Productions.
  • Vinyl 7" (PICI00107)
  • Limited edition

Blue Orchids
Righteous Harmony Fist

Martin Bramah was an early member of The Fall, but unlike so many of those Fallen soldiers, he has continued to develop and grow the musical territory of his particular Fall period. With his band Blue Orchids, his latest release is the punchy-sounding Righteous Harmony Fist, full of rich, punkish, Manchester power. Out on Tiny Global Productions.
  • Vinyl LP (PICI0015LP)

Blue Orchids
Skull Jam

Blue Orchids are a vintage Mancunian post-punk band (formed by Martin Bramah after he’d played on The Fall’s debut(!)) who’ve come back for more in recent years. New EP Skull Jam features a mixture of brand new songs, new versions of old songs, and a cover, and it bristles with energy and interest. 10” on Tiny Global Productions.
  • Vinyl 10" (PICI0004D)

Blue Orchids
Bomb Manchester! / Bomb Hamburg!

Manchester post-punk mainstays Blue Orchids unearth some heavily bootlegged live recordings from Manchester, 1981 and Hamburg, 1985 for this double CD. Two very different setlists, both sought after by fans and treated in the studio by Richard Trubridge and Stuart Moxham respectively. Limited edition, 300 copies worldwide and exclusive to independent stores so you’re better off being the early bird.
  • CD (PICI0002CD)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Martin Bramah
The Battle Of Twisted Heel

Martin Bramah was in the original line-up of The Fall, 40 or so line-ups ago. In fact, he was the singer until King MES took the throne! Mark gets a dissing on The Battle Of Twisted Heel, Bramah’s 2006 solo record, which was deeply rare up until now. This reissue on Tiny Global Productions is arguably the first proper release of this quality material, as the first ‘release’ was less than 30 copies...
  • Vinyl LP (PICI0003LP)
  • CD (PICI0003CD)