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Spacetime Continuum / Scanner / Ross 154 / Leo Anibaldi

DE:10.07 is the 7th EP in the 10 Years De:Tuned series. Here we have four tracks of ambient techno from a highly respected quartet of producers: Spacetime Continuum, Scanner, Ross 154 and Leo Anibaldi. This uplifting EP perfectly blends the old and the new and is likely to cure what ails ya, so give it a go. 

Leo Anibaldi

Originally released in the early nineties, Leo Anibaldi's 'Muta', is an odd, atmospheric adventure in warped electronica, dark ambient and post-industrial techno. The reissue brings the strangely cinematic material up to modern audio standards, polishing the woozy soundscapes and frenetic beats for modern ears.

Leo Anibaldi
Italian House

Italy’s Flash Forward Records are unearthing some of the stellar house music from their country’s past. This time it’s Leo Anibaldi with Italian House, a three track 12” of some deep, moody house, characterised by an Italian sense of class and refinement. A stellar reissue.   

Leo Anibaldi
Phase II [Donato Dozzy / Marcus Henriksson Remixes]

Leo Anibaldi digs up a pair of tracks from his distant past (the originals of ‘Always From Reality’ and ‘Aeon’ were released in 1992 and 1994 respectively) and hands them over for reconsideration by two other producers. Both Donato Dozzy and Markus Henriksson work some carefully considered magic with these dubby techno classics, available on 12” from Cannibald.