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JK Flesh
Wasplike EP

Justin Broadrick is known for his work with Napalm Death, Godflesh, Pale Sketcher, Jesu, and his collaboration with The Bug AKA Kevin Martin in Techno Animal. As JK Flesh he takes industrial, dub and power electronics to create ear-bleeding techno and heavy elec...view item »

Streetcleaner: Live At Roadburn 2011

Streetcleaner is the second (some say definitive) album of Justin K. Broadrick’s legendary Godflesh, and Roadburn is the Dutch festival renowned by fans of heavy music the world over. On this record, the two meet one another, with Godflesh playing a beefed-up version of t...view item »

Post Self

Godflesh are known as an industrial metal band, but their 8th album, Post-Self, sees them move away from metal and experiment with industrial and post-punk sounds, exploring what inspired them in the first place. Lyrically the album deals with anxiety and depression, fear, mortality and paternal a...view item »

JK Flesh
Suicide Estate

Justin K Broadrick is obviously no stranger to darkness and violence. On this full length foray into distorted, swampy techno, direct references to his environment and the threat of a self-imposed antibiotic apocalypse inform a bitter, unpleasant album, growling and scraping its way along a grey street....view item »

Council Estate Electronics

Diarmuid Dalton and heavy music all-rounder Justin K Broadrick join together to pay tribute to the place they both grew up and the synth music they listened to while doing so. Council Estate Electronics is a bit less noisy than, say, Godflesh, instead sending out spiralling sign...view item »

Songs Of Love and Hate

From 1996, an album from pioneers of industrial music Godflesh for the first time on vinyl with Songs of Love and Hate.  Genre defining at the time, now you can experience the drums of Bryan Mantia and Napalm Death guitarist Justin Broadrick’s atmospheric and minimalistic industrial sound in impe...view item »

Khost [Deconstructed and Reconstructed by] Godflesh
Needles Into The Ground

Khost’s album Corrosive Shroud was pretty brutal to begin with, it must be said, but that didn’t stop them from letting Justin K Broadrick of Godflesh have a go at it, leaving several tracks even more cranked-up and angry than before. Needles Into The Ground [Deconstruct...view item »


Originally released in 1994, and hailed as one of Godflesh’s greatest works, Selfless gets a reissue though its original label, Earache. Melding metal riffery with industrial drum programming Justin Broadrick and Christian Green set a benchmark with pretty much every Godfl...view item »

Carcass / Godflesh
Grind Madness At The BBC - The Earache Peel Sessions

A sweaty pork belly from Carcass / Godflesh. Grind Madness At The BBC - The Earache Peel Sessions are some brutal ear infections from these noisy nutters. Full of all your favorite grind-ism such as grave digger vocals, breakneck drumming, ridiculous guitar riffs and solos. The hospital-bin styled song titles set the to...view item »

A World Lit Only By Fire

Thirteen years is quite a hiatus, but that's how long it's been since Birmingham industrialists Godflesh's last album, 'Hymns'. Officially reunited in 2010, 'A World Lit Only By Fire' remains true to the band's original sound and is the follow-up to the 'Decline and Fall' EP which came out in June. Available on vinyl or cd....view item »

Decline & Fall

Godflesh is back!!! It is not often when a band can return with this level of ferocity and intensity. Most comebacks are an example of diminishing returns, but Godflesh managed to re-enter the ether with some of their heaviest material yet. Justin Broadrick write riffs that sound familiar, yet crushing and original...view item »

Godflesh / Selfless / Us and Them

This boxset contains two of Godflesh's best albums (self-titled and 'Us And Them') along with their worst album (Selfless). The self-titled album especially is one of my all-time favourite albums, something of a life-changing experience, with its leviathan like riffs and stark, mechanical beats and Justin K. Broadrick's impenetrable vocals. Note...view item »