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Daniel Higgs Vinyl, CD & tapes by Daniel Higgs at Norman Records

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Daniel Higgs
The Fools Sermon, part 1

Former Lungfish man Daniel Higgs does not mislead when he promises a Fools Sermon: he does indeed deliver his twisted version of a new age religious sermon, carefully intoning each word as though tasting them as they leave his mouth. In the background are creeping desert-like instrumentals: quite the listen! The Fools Sermon, part 1 is out on Stephen O’Malley’s Ideologic Organ.

Sweep the Temple

Both mesmerising and equally as sparse is Sweep the Temple - a majestic and bold expedition across a folk-inspired galaxy. Fountainsun here prove that bare to the bone minimalism can still uphold and even enhance engagement from listeners - sometimes simple is more effective, sometimes less is more.
  • Vinyl LP (GNM035LP)
  • Artist(s):
  • Daniel Higgs

Twig Harper and Daniel Higgs
Clairaudience Fellowship

  • Artist(s):
  • Daniel Higgs

Sound In Time

Lungfish are one of the classic post-hardcore bands, hailing from Baltimore and getting real weird with it. Sound In Time is their 1996 fourth album, a tight web of looping riffs and Daniel Higgs raw vocals. Yum. This version of the album has been specially remastered for vinyl release. LP on Dischord.