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Nicola Ratti (Ronin) and Guieppe Ielasi (Labfield) make up Bellows and are now releasing their 5th full length together. Both tape loop and micro sampling artists in their own rights through Bellows they take this into an improvisational and ana...view item »


Experimental electronics from a long running collaboration between Italian experimenters Giuseppe Ielasi, a regular on 12k, Editions Mego and Senufo, and Nicola Ratti, of Ronin. Bellows follows the pair’s strict productions with micro tonal precision, and an air of mystiqu...view item »

Inventing Masks

Cunningly entitled 2nd, Italian electronic music maestro Giuseppe Ielasi delivers his -- you guessed it -- second album under his Inventing Masks guise. This record promises even more lush textures and lustrous detail than before. He has been carving his own channel through pared-down funk with gen...view item »

Rain Text

Rain Text is a new project by Giovanni Civitenga and Giuseppe Ielasi, who are both well versed in their own brand of minimal electronics with micro sampling and groove, this project has deeper techno lean. Limiting themselves to small soundsets for each release they delve deeply into the possibi...view item »

Giuseppe Ielasi

The stuff I know of this fella is the more ambient drone gear. I wasn't expecting the mad fractured rhythms from the off. All the songs are constructed (and named) using everyday household objects eg rubber band, metal rod, tin can etc.... And they're reasonably recognisable. The springiness of 'Rubber Band' is bizarrely enjoyable. It's like a m...view item »

Giuseppe Ielasi
(Third) Stunt

This is the 3rd part in a series of vinyl releases where the source material is one turntable and a bunch of records. Time for Mr sample....From the start I was sucked into this one. The opener is a weird alien sounding glitchy looped beast that reminds me of Sutekh or something from the clicks and cuts era a while back. The strange cyclical loo...view item »

Giuseppe Ielasi

Cor, this thing feels classy as soon as you get it in your mits. Nice card stock for both inner and outer sleeves, artwork that you could look at all day.. Just what you want when you've just got to have a fondle. It's not like the sounds aren't enough to keep your interest either, far from it in fact, their electro-acoustic improv cleverness ke...view item »