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Bobby Krlic
Midsommar (Original Score)

Bobby Krlic removed his Haxan Cloak to work alongside film director Ari Aster on Midsommar. The movie is a pagan horror in the Wicker Man mould, and Krlic’s frightening compositions really augment the sense of ceremonial doom that pervades Midsommar. Nails-on-blackboard screeches, pulse-racing drums, unsettling micropolyphonic drones, it’s all in there. Krlic's music is in dialogue with the great and the good of chilling movie scores, from György Ligeti to Johnny Greenwood to Dean Hurley.

Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross & Bobby Krlic
Almost Holy

Almost Holy is a fairly heavy documentary about homeless teenage addicts in deprived parts of Ukraine. The music on this release started life as the soundtrack, but has now become an album of its own. Brothers Leopold and Atticus Ross are accomplished soundtrack composers, but the wildcard is Bobby Krlic aka The Haxan Cloak, whose heavy electronics really elevate the material to the next level. On Sacred Bones.