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Rhythm & Sound
The Versions

Repress of Rhythm & Sound’s (Basic Channel) 2003 release The Versions. Kings of dub techno Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus compiled the singles they did for Burial Mix, separating the vocals and leaving these instrumentals to do what they do best, wash over you with warm heady bass. LP on Burial Mix.

Mark Ernestus' Ndagga Rhythm Force

Basic Channel mastermind Mark Ernestus has been immersing himself in collaborations with African musicians for some years now: his Ndagga Rhythm Force is an incredible group of Dakar mbalax musicians. For Yermande, their intense band recordings have been tweaked and dubbed-up by Ernestus for a perfect synthesis of the two approaches. LP release on Ndagga.

Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri with Mbene Diatta Seck

Equiknoxx & Mark Ernestus
Mark Ernestus Remixes

Mark Ernestus - Basic Channel/Rhythm & Sound member as well as owner of Berlin’s Hardwax - takes on remix duties for one of the techiest duos in dancehall. One might have expected this two-track to be harder than it is, but Ernestus instead flips the Equiknoxx sound on its head to pleasant effect. The duo’s trademark tropes are repurposed to new effect - check how the thick string stabs of ‘Congo Get Slap’ are turned into a classic dub techno chord.

Mark Ernestus Vs. Konono No. 1
Masikulu Dub / Masikulu Rhythm

Mark Ernestus Vs. Obadikah

Obadikah are a Lagos brass band formed from veterans of the Nigerian music scene (some were founder members of the Eko Brass Band). They play joyous Yoruban songs, often in churches, but this particular release finds Mark Ernestus putting them in a rather different context, swathing their brass funk with thick dub. Pretty fabulous stuff. April is a 10” release from Honest Jon’s.

Rhythm & Sound
See Mi Yah

The Berlin-based production duo of Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald have been recording as Rhythm & Sound for more than two decades, experimenting with new forms of reggae. Their ambitious new album See Mi Yah sees them bring in a rotating cast of guest vocalists for a seamless, continuous mix. 

Rhythm & Sound
The Versions

The Versions is an album of, er, versions, that correspond to the latest vocal Rhythm & Sound album. Rhythm & Sound might have a generic-sounding name, but when you know the personnel involved (Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus!) you realise that this is stuff to really pay attention to. Deep modern dub music from a pair of pros. LP release on Burial Mix.