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Altars Altars
Small Hours

Sounding like The Gentleman Losers recording the skit tracks for Boards of Canada or Helios, Altars Altars is gentle, filled with tape warbles (because he put everything through a reel to reel), delicate plucked guitar, and awash with field samples and children playing. It’s dreamlike state, lying in a field in your youth ambient music. Loverly.

This Is The Kit / Jo Gillot / Altars Altars / Grey Tapes
Rail Cables - Summer Selection 2015

Rail Cables is an ongoing compilation series of music, both experimental and otherwise, dealing with the richly evocative subject of train travel. This latest instalment includes work by This Is The Kit, Altars Altars, Jo Gillot and Grey Tapes, ranging across folk songs, long-form drones, and beat excursions. 250 double LP copies.
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