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Some Beautiful Species Left

Broadly taking a post-punk template for their music, but infusing it with elements of dub, classical music and krautrock, Melbourne band EXEK return with their third studio record Some Beautiful Species Left. Thematically concerning the human-driven degradation of nature, it was specifically composed in the studio, during the recording process itself. 

Ahead Of Two Thoughts

Melbourne’s EXEK buck the trend for every Australian band to have a record released in the 2010’s by not being a psych-rock outfit. In fact, they’re an intriguing and smart group with shades of ESG, Public Image Limited and Melbourne royalty The Birthday Party. Tracks like ‘Weight Loss (Henry’s Dream)’ have more groove in their little finger than King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard had across the seven million albums they released in 2017.

A Casual Assembly

A speedy follow-up the their 2018 LP, Ahead Of Two Thoughts, Australian arty types, EXEK release A Casual Assembly EP. The music within could be compared to the work of Jah Wobble, Laurie Spiegel and The Gift by The Velvet Underground. The music is supplied by synth strings, bass and trumpet with narration that recalls Samuel Beckett and Robert Ashley, this could also soundtrack a film by Derek Jarman or Stanley Kubrick. Fans of Normil Hawaiians, Jenny Hval and Harmonia should check this out. LP on W.25th

Spray Paint / EXEK

Spray Paint are an Austin, Texas post-punk group, with a music that is audibly the product of a tight discipline crossed with an ecstatic energy. Here they share a split with Australians Exek, who synth up their post-punk sound. 400 7" copies pressed up for an Australian tour, released by the Homeless label.

Biased Advice

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