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Gang Gang Dance

Beloved freak outfit Gang Gang Dance return with a record for 4ad! Still with all the silly track titles you've come to love, their new one is called Kazuashita and sees them melding together ambient and shoegaze in a textural standoff that's sure to knock your socks off or at the very least slowly unravel them. Goo...view item »

Gang Gang Dance
God's Money

Gang Gang Dance who are geniuses from another dimension. Everything about this progressively bonkers band screams inventive, barking mad, tribal & breathtaking. Imagine The Slits taking a ton of very wobbly narcotics  round Thinking Fellers Union Local 282's house before Sun City Girls come round & build...view item »

Gang Gang Dance
Eye Contact

So Gang Gang Dance's journey has seen them release material on the Social Registry, Warp, Young Turks and eventually landed them on 4AD whom they now have presenting this full length following the 'Glass Jar' 12". I can't help but feel that 4AD have lost their identity a little in recent times, both musically and aesthetically. Whether that's a ...view item »

Gang Gang Dance
Glass Jar / Mindkilla

Do I always review these guys? I've been reasonably excited about new material as that Saint Dymphna LP was largely a total treat. Now on 4AD, they haven't compromised their druggy, cosmic vision. They've just made it crisper & more widescreen than ever. I'm a big lover of the mindset they often land me in. Managing to splice ethereal & ...view item »

Gang Gang Dance
First Communion

Well holy fucking shit would you believe that Hot Chip have gone and done another remix. If it's not nailed down they'll remix it. They just cannot help themselves. They are a relentless remix factory. They're probably already remixing this review. Theyll remix your gran and your cat. They'll well remix anything. They'll remix your face off. They'l...view item »

Gang Gang Dance
Saint Dymphna

New York trip-out merchants Gang Gang Dance once made my ex feel sick when I played her 'God's Money' a few years ago. She was hungover and munching a greasy egg butty at the time so maybe it wasn't the disorientating, wonky madness vomiting out of the speakers but her own regretful indulgences! In 2008 however, they've crashed landed on Warp with ...view item »

Gang Gang Dance

These screwy New Yorkers return for more experimental rhythmical fun. This limited Latitudes job comprises of one quarter hour long track that sounds at one point like old embryonic proto-electronica being kicked down a rusty fireescape round the back of a Bohemian thrift store in the 80s. Once the first few minutes of live drums subside, the ov...view item »

Gang Gang Dance

Gang Gang Dance are an excellent band. Gods Money is a great album and they've obviously pricked up a few ears as they've got an EP out on double uber trendy Young Turks label. Who'd have thought that? Anyway this band sound like no one else. Trying to pigeonhole them is as pointless going out for a drink with a dead bloke. Well I suppose t...view item »

Gang Gang Dance
Retina Riddim

Something I have got to grips with is Gang Gang Dance who release CD/DVD set through The Social Registry this week. Their last album was a total cocking opus from start to end. This is a spot of filler before the new album lands at some point soon ish. You get a 33 minute DVD of live performances cut up with arty visuals and music by (guess who.......view item »