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James Johnston
The Starless Room

James Johnston is one of those ever-busy types that keeps the music world running smoothly: as well as his own band Gallon Drunk, he has also played with The Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey’s band, Faust… And now he rides out solo for the first time! The S...view item »

Gallon Drunk
Access All Areas

Live recordings from London’s Town & Country Club in 1992. They played tracks from their debut album You, The night… and the Music as well as a couple of singles. A must for fans of the Nick Cave and the Badseeds, PJ Harvey, Grinderman worlds - gritty, looming and impas...view item »

Gallon Drunk
Soul Of The Hour

Now I may have mentioned this in a previous review of these beloved sleazy Londoners since their re-awakening years ago, but my favourite t-shirt - one which if I still possessed - would be emblazoned proudly in a frame above my fireplace - sported GALLON DRUNK in large upper-case block font and had below a grainy B&W piccie of a sweet old n...view item »

Gallon Drunk
The Dumb Room

Gallon Drunk were good in the '90s and they're still good now. Their last album 'The Road Gets Darker From Here' showed in no uncertain terms that they still mean business, and here's a little 7" taster of the forthcoming 'Soul Of The Hour', which promises to head in a more progressive krauty direction. This new single 'The Dumb Room' is...view item »

Gallon Drunk
Live At Clouds Hill

Nick Cave was right! "Gallon Drunk? Cool as fuck".Gallon Drunk live in an all analogue studio has to be heard on vinyl! 10" white vinyl makes it even better. Every record collector loves a well pressed and dressed 10" EP. The recording is clear and transparent and you really hear...view item »

Gallon Drunk
The Road Gets Darker From Here

Oh yeah, Gallon Drunk are back with a new album of their hard rocking Nick Cave-meets-...view item »

Gallon Drunk
Bad Servant / Down At The Harbour

And to top off my sweaty, primal 7" attack-stack, old London grumblefunk merchants Gallon Drunk are back sounding more groovy than ever. 'Bad Servant' has a bass almost as growly and low end as Shackleton's tribal dubstep maneuvers and those shuddering possessed vocals straight outta the Uncle Nick book of freaky drama, an organ that could kic...view item »

Gallon Drunk
The Rotten Mile

Gallon Drunk come with the glowing endorsement of Nick Cave! That's probably because James Johnstone, the band's brooding frontman, helped found the Bad Seeds. Listening to 'The Rotten Mile', it's clear how the Aussie post-punkers have kept their morbid pose and unsettling vibe up all these years; Johnstone's music is greasy-haired punk rock for...view item »