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Chris Corsano / Massimo Pupillo
Via Combusta

Those in the know will immediately identify this as a premium slice of heavy-hitting improvisation: how could it fail to be with this personnel? Massimo Pupillo plays grinding noise-bass for Zu, and Chris Corsano has played impossibly-expressive drums alongside almost every notable member of the experimental music scene. Consequently, Via Combusta kicks ass.
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Zu made a name for themselves blending (or abusing as the press release has it) forms of avant metal, electronics and industrial noise. So powerful in fact that it blew John Zorn away which given his output is quite the achievement. Carboniferous is their 2009 era classic featuring contributions from the likes of Mike Patton and King Buzzo. Strap yourself in and get your ears ready for this luxury gold vinyl re-press.  

Tony Buck & Massimo Pupillo
Time Being

Tony Buck and Massimo Pupillo come from fairly different corners of the free-improvised music world, with Buck’s group The Necks famed for their tranquil ecstacy and Pupillo’s group Zu known for their metallic brutality. This duo record finds them carving out some new territory of their own, with ambience, noise and electronics coalescing into some pretty vivid scenes. Time Being is released by Trost.

Massimo Pupillo, Alexandre Babel & Caspar Brötzmann
Live at Candy Bomber Studios, Vol. 1

Three is a good number; there are a lot of trios in the world, so it must be. This one is a particularly extreme assembly, offering bassist Massimo Pupillo, percussionist Alexandre Babel and guitarist Casper Brötzmann in gruesome unison. A euphoric racket is to be expected along the lines of the structure-hating Thurston Moore.

Oren Ambarchi / Stefano Pilia / Massimo Pupillo

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Oren Ambarchi / Massimo Pupillo
Subsound Split Series #4

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Paal Nilssen-Love/ Lasse Marhaug/ Massimo Pupillo
You're Next

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