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Federico Fellini & Nino Rota
La Strada

The score to Frederico Fellini’s 1954 film La Strada was composed by Nino Rota. Its main theme recurs throughout the film being played by the characters, firstly on violin then on trumpet. Fellini initially wanted to use a soundtrack by Arcangelo Corelli which he played on tape whilst filming. Rota wasn’t particularly on board with this idea so wrote his own piece that was rhythmically identical to match the on screen movements. Rota’s final score included parts that were reminiscent to Larghetto from Dvoƙák's Opus 22 Serenade for Strings in E major.

Federico Fellini & Nino Rota
La Dolce Vita

Fredrico Fellini was a visionary filmmaker. His films are regarded among some of the best films ever committed to celluloid. In collaboration with composer Nino Rota, he also scored his films. Here we have a vinyl version of the score to his 1960 Palme d'Or winning masterpiece LA Dolce Vita, released via Le Chant Du Monde.

Nino Rota / Federico Fellini
Toby Dammit - Original Film Soundtrack

Federico Fellini’s 60’s experimental flick Toby Dammit is a great film by a legendary director, and the soundtrack ain’t bad either. The highly respected Nino Rota does an excellent, dramatic job arranging the score, and there is also a significant appearance from a Ray Charles song. LP on Bella Casa.