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Recompiled I/II

First instalment of a two part vinyl only series from Ostgut Ton sub label A-TON which presents a retrospective compilation of tracks from Berghain resident and Sandwell District member Function. Made up from a selection of unpublished and out of print tracks. Basically, a must for modern techno heads....view item »

Recompiled II/II

Following the recent Recompiled I​/​II, a second retrospective volume of Sandwell District veteran David Sumner on A-TON, the new sublabel of Berghain's Ostgut Ton. Previously unreleased tracks alongside well-loved and deleted classics, going as far back as ...view item »

Function & Vatican Shadow
Games Have Rules

Here's a collaboration between electronic big hitters Function and Vatican Shadow who have combined forces,  simultaneously stripping back each producer’s main production elements - the dancefloor-focused techno structures of Function; the experimental cassette-roots of Vatican Shadow - to create an album of dynamic electronic am...view item »

L.B. Dub Corp / Function / Substance
Zehn / Drei

Minimal techno label Ostgut Ton continue to reissue each part of their Zehn compilation, a ten year anniversary celebration which sold out phenomenally quickly. The Zehn/Drei vinyl 12” compiles work from Function and Substance as well as a remix of  ...view item »

Recompiled / Extractions

There's going to be a big party in Function's honour next year with a record compiling around thirty of his greatest, most significant and secret works, but until then, David Sumner is asking you to RSVP. You've got plenty of time, but this 12" is a pretty good way to signal your interest, with four tracks, including the slow-burner "Montage", i...view item »

Synewave Reissues Part I: 1995-97

Great repress from the techno magician Function aka David Sumner. Synewave Reissues Part I: 1995-97 is being put out by Infrastructure and still sounds as fresh as it did in the mid 90's. The Brooklyn native shunned the populous route and brought the artistic aesthetic of Detroit to New York. Sumner abducts yo...view item »

Function / Inland
Odeon / Rhyl EP

I'm not familiar with Infrastructure, a label that has been dormant for 8 years. I know of Function and its sole pilot David Sumner. I wrote a silly, irreverent review of a recent remixes EP because techno occasionally leaves me speechless. That whole writing about architecture thing. Seems kinda pointless sometimes. What I wasn't expecting is t...view item »


Another solid 4 tracker from David Sumner kicking off with the ultra deep 'Descending' which is as hypnotic as you'd expect with a sleek minimal percussive framework and then tons happening in the creepy atmospherics. 'Picabia' has a slightly submerged kick that recalls the GAS stuff and ...view item »


I’m not sure I even heard that last Function album. I can barely keep up with the speed my housemate gets through bottles of squash, never mind staying abreast of the current techno scene. Everyone's making techno these days. You’ll get home from school, you kids, I tell yer, and yer Mam won’t be ...view item »


David Sumner has been recording and releasing records as Function  since 1996 when he first emerged on fellow NYC techno don Damon Wild's Synewave label and later went on to spawn his Infrastructure New York label in 1998 with the release of  'The Dielectric Coefficient' which really blew me away a...view item »


These things eh, these bloody records, they never stop arriving. Just one week would be nice where we could put our feet up and sigh with relief as the trucks and the (mostly) men who drive them cease to burst through our doors  brandishing endless boxes and boxes of vinyl bastards a...view item »


Ant reliably informs me that Function is a fellow called David Sumner from New York and his stuff is 'a distillation of early Sahko and Sleep Archive'. I'm just nodding my head and pretending to know what he's on about, I mean I've never even heard of New York. Sooo, trying to judge this 'Anticipation' 12" on its own merits I'll say that ...view item »

Feed Forward Versions

I'm sure someone's been keeping this Sandwell District shit from me. Ant most likely. Whenever anything on the label comes in he hoovers it up faster than you can say "charlie off a prozzy's tit". Well, not one to be beaten down when it comes to slicing techno, I downloaded the album and was well into it and decided there and then that I'd s...view item »

Function, Silent Servant, Various
Sample Single One

Forget that trendy minimal nonsense that's all over the likes of Resident Adviser & such. These boys do it proper! Function (David Sumner), Regis (Karl O'Conner), Female (Pete Sutton) and Silent Servant (John Mendez) are all at the top of their game. Here providing two different limited edition stamped white label samplers. A particular high...view item »

John Chantler/ Function

A split 7" lathe cut has just arrive on Room 40. It's by FUNCTION and JOHN CHANTLER. Function's side ' Loving You (Maelstrom) is a strange little piece with distant melodies, bells, drones and fuzzy textures. Chantler's contribution is a lo-fi piece with experimental guitar weaving over a fa...view item »