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Selbstportrait Wahre Liebe

A whopping four decades after he released his first ‘Self Portrait’ album in 1979, after which a further seven instalments followed in the time up until 2002, another instalment in Hans-Joachim Roedelius has arrived. Selbstportrait Wahre Liebe is a timely reminder of the power of the German’s solo work outside of Cluster and Harmonia. 

Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Arnold Kasar

The kosmische legend that is Hans-Joachim Roedelius (of Cluster and Harmonia) here collaborates with classical pianist Arnold Kasar. The resulting album Einfluss, released by the extremely ‘proper’ classical Deutsche Grammophon label, are a gorgeous waltz through lush piano melodies and shifting textures.

Tape Archive Essence 1973-1978

A distillation of the highlights of the 2014 compilation originally released in 2014 as 3LP + 3CD box set, comprising an audio ‘sketchbook’ of German electronic music composer Hans-Joachim Roedelius during the so-called ‘Forst years’ working closely with Cluster and Harmonia. Tape Archive Essence 1973-1978 boils the set down to an easily digestible single-disc release. 
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Imagori II

The second collaborative LP between Christoph H. Müller (Gotan Project) and Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Harmonia, Cluster) drops via Grönland. Much like 2015’s Imagori, Imagori II is a collection of deep, patient downtempo electronica in the !K7/Kompakt mould. Guests include Miss Kenichi and, on ‘La Vie En Bleu’, Müller’s own daughter. Cute.

Konzerte 1972/1977

Absolutely wonderful live material from Cluster here, captured at two 70’s performances. There is a real sense of joyful play here, with our heroes Roedelius and Moebius dabbling and tinkering intuitively with their equipment, The 1972 performance here is particularly heady, transcending the (less than totally hi-fi) sound quality through sheer power. Konzerte 1972 / 1977 is out on Bureau B.

Kollektion 06 :1971-1981 Compiled By John McEntire

John McEntire of Tortoise and The Sea And Cake was given free reign to compile his choicest Cluster cuts from the years 1971-1981, and what cuts they are. The magical komische sound of Cluster floats lighter than air, but these electronic spirituals seep deep into the mind of the listener. Kollektion 06 is released by Bureau B.

Lloyd Cole / Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Selected Studies Vol 1

Bureau B (James Last, La Düsseldorf) release this unexpected collaborative record. Lloyd Cole (he of the ‘80s) and  Hans-Joachim Roedelius (he of Germany) never actually met in the production of Selected Studies Vol 1, choosing instead to bounce files back and forth via email. As such, it’s surprising that there is so much warmth and nuance to the tracks here. These lovely little machine curios draw from Opal, Boards Of Canada, Claude Debussy and Holger Czukay.

Hans-joachim Roedelius
Piano Piano

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Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Leon Muraglia
Ubi Bene

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Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Tape Archive 1973-1978

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Lloyd Cole / Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Roedelius Schneider

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Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Tim Story

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