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Planetary Assault Systems

Veteran electronic musician, producer, DJ, trailblazer and innovator, Luke Slater returns under his Planetary Assault Systems moniker to make music to mess with your head. His new album, Plantae is made for and inspired by legendary Berlin nightclub, Berghain. Slater feels Planetary Assault Systems and Berghain exist for one another.
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Planetary Assault Systems
Straight Shooting

Luke Slater dons his Planetary Assault Systems cap for the first time in a little while. The result? An LP that shoots as straight as its title suggests. Straight Shooting is a collection of head-down, shoulders-square, chest-out psychedelic techno from the Mote Evolver boss. Anyone who enjoyed Efdemin’s recent LP for Ostgut Ton should turn their attention this way.

Luke Slater
Love Remixes

Luke Slater assembles a killer cast to remix an old favourite of his. 1997’s ‘Love’ - a tune from Slater’s second LP Freek Funk and one that remains a fan favourite to this day - gets sliced and diced by (deep breath) Lucy, Silent Servant, Marcel Dettmann, Slater himself in both his The 7th Plain and Planetary Assault Systems guise, and most excitingly Burial. Love Remixes is top shelf material.

Planetary Assault Systems
The Light Years Reworks

Luke Slater assembles a bunch of his favourite producers/artists on his Mote Evolver label roster to re-work a bunch of Planetary Assault Systems stone cold classics. Doing the business are Marcel Fengler, Psyk, Lucy, Slam, Steve Bicknell, Octave One, Function, James Ruskin, Kamikaze Space Programme and Slater himself. Cut across six sides of wax for maximum DJ impact.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (MOTELP03)
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The 7th Plain
Chronicles III

Luke Slater’s post-rave project The Seventh Plain changes gear for the third installment of his compilation series. Chronicles III. Here the music is more free form and built on fractured rhythms. The music here is taken from Slater’s releases on General Production Recordings label. Double LP and CD on A-Ton.

The 7th Plain
Chronicles II

Chronicles II by The Seventh Plain compiles previously released tracks from the albums The 4 Cornered Room and My Yellow Wise Rug plus a bunch of previously unreleased tracks that any fan of Luke Slater’s work would not want to be without. The project set out to stretch the techno genre as far into outer space as possible. Double LP and CD on A-Ton.

The 7th Plain

Techno legend Luke Slater is compiling his The Seventh Plain project over three releases. Chronicles I was released in 2016, now with the release of Chronicles II and III, we have this box set containing all three. The spacey, post-rave explorations were far reaching and emotionally affecting. 6LP box set with essay by Joe Muggs and stickers on A-Ton.

Planetary Assault Systems
Arc Angel

Big techno man Luke Slater provides Ostgut Ton and yourselves with some more melodically-leaning techno machinations beamed in from the outer heliosphere. We say melody, but you've got deep drones, alien synth lines and haywire arps all tuned to twisted perfection. They've even thrown in a download of the continuous album mix too. The techno never stops.

Planetary Assault Systems
The Electric Funk Machine

Planetary Assault Systems’ The Electric Funk Machine turned twenty in 2017. Considering that so many of the current crop of rave revivalists - Lone, FaltyDL and that - are jacking Luke Slater’s late-’90s steez, the time feels right for one of his finest achievements to be rolled out and receive another round of applause. This LP is a nice balance of European and Detroit techno stylings. Reissue via Peacefrog.
  • Vinyl Double LP (PF063)
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L.B. Dub Corp

Luke Slater. A totemic figure in the world of Techno. A fixed point in the graph since techno existed and a stalwart of the UK midpoint in the Detroit - European scene / axis. Here he is, doing his 'stripped-back', mechanistic and hard-grooving thing as L.B. Dub Corp: three tracks of hand-carved majesty brought to us via the Stroboscopic Artefacts imprint. 'Roar' arrives as a clear vinyl 10", obviously.

L.B. Dub Corp
Side Effects

You may know Luke Slater best from his work in Planetary Assault Systems, but he also has a side-hustle in the form of techno project L.B. Dub Corp. Side Effects, the first LBDC release since 2013’s Unknown Origin LP for Ostgut Ton, has turned up on Slater’s own Mote-Evolver imprint. It contains more wedges of hard-wired Funktion One fodder with a slight acid tang.

L.B. Dub Corp / Function / Substance
Zehn / Drei

Minimal techno label Ostgut Ton continue to reissue each part of their Zehn compilation, a ten year anniversary celebration which sold out phenomenally quickly. The Zehn/Drei vinyl 12” compiles work from Function and Substance as well as a remix of  L.B. Dub Corp from Len Faki. All three tune are rich and impressive techno, but Function’s distorted arpeggios are the highlight.
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