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Fucked Up
High Rise

Hardcore Canadian punks, Fucked Up, have a new album on the way released later in 2018. To whet their fans whistles in anticipation of this they have recorded a 7”  single on Tankcrimes containing High Rise, a cover of a song by The Trainspotters and Tower On Time, a Jade Hairpins cov...view item »

Fucked Up
Dose Your Dreams

Fucked Up have pulled out all the stops to make, arguably, the album of their career with Dose Your Dreams. Whilst it kicks off in a familiar punk fashion, they then take unexpected turns into psychedelia, groove work-outs and even doo-wop before is brought to a close with a Krautrock epic. LP and CD on Merge....view item »

Fucked Up
Live at Third Man Records

Jack White’s Third Man label continue their live sessions, pushing the pure analog love affair. These live ssions have covered an incredible array of artists, from Shabazz Palaces to The Shins, all recorded straight to tape and onto acetate. This time round it’s Canadian post-hardcor...view item »

Fucked Up
Year Of The Snake

Canadian epic-punks Fucked Up check in on their Zodiac series with instalment number eight, Year Of The Snake. The title track is a full twenty-four minutes long, using electronics and psychedelic weirdness alongside the band’s classic hardcore. Plus, the CD edition features a wild club-tastic remix from C...view item »

Fucked Up
Year Of The Hare

Prolific hardcore punk band Fucked Up have released over 80 recordings and collaborations on various labels including Arts & Crafts, Matador and Jade Tree since they formed in 2011. The latest installment in their series of Zodiac themed releases ‘Year Of The Hare’ is a 21 minute composition of frantic soundscapes created using p...view item »

Fucked Up
Sun Glass

The trendiest punks around Fucked Up have another 7" out. Sun Glass is a psych drenched punk rock tune with folky pop overtones. The title is sung through as a response to all of Damian Abraham's kaleidoscopic poetry. Full of their signature euphoric layered guitars and propulsive drums. Out on 7" vinyl on Matador....view item »

Fucked Up
Paper The House

Canadian punks Fucked Up have another 7" release from their Glass Boys record. Paper The House is an angst fuelled monologue from front man Damian Abraham, about the realities of being in a punk rock band, growing up and the existential issues he faces. His signature wail is spilled over Fucked Up's ...view item »

Fucked Up
Glass Boys

Toronto stadium punks Fucked Up are back this week with another ambitious LP of melodramatic three guitar epic-core and they’re sounding as cavernous as ever on ‘Glass Boys’. Every song sounds like a big compressed wall of guitar distortion, pounding drums and roaring vocals. It’s not bad, but aesthetically seems not to r...view item »

The Dirtbombs /Fucked Up
Bruise Cruise Vol. 7

We've got a bunch of these pretty awesome limited garage rock splits in this week to commemorate the 'Bruise Cruise', and probably the most illustrious of the all-star double-headers is this little slab from Fucked Up and the Dirtbombs. On the Dirtbombs side there's a live offering which...view item »

Fucked Up
Year Of The Tiger

More Matador goodness for me. This time it's Fucked Up's 'Year Of The Tiger' 12”. After last years epic The Who meets Bruce Springsteen rock opera 'David Comes To Life' I was hoping for something unexpected from the groups next installment of their annual Chinese New Year 12” ...view item »

Fucked Up
David Comes To Life

Wow, 15 minutes into this record I'm still kinda speechless. This is some ambitious shit right here, but I guess that shouldn't surprise you too much from these guys, since their records seem to get more epic with each successive release. After a certain amount of crossover success with their last album, this ti...view item »

Fucked Up
Hidden World

Lyrics referencing both Greek astronomy and the Old Testament, as well as guitar textures indebted more to Glenn Branca than Black Flag, reveal an art-rock ace up the band's tattered sleeve. It’s weighty, sure, but give yourself over to this album, see it through, and you&...view item »

Fucked Up
Year Of The Ox

YUUH LIKE, UH, FUCKED UUUUUP! I'm sure you're probably all quite aware of how prog-punkers Fucked Up aren't anything like as boneheaded as they might appear given their moniker. They're here to prove it again with the latest in this 'Year of the..' series of releases which boasts just the two songs for all its minutes, which number twenty-five, ...view item »

Fucked Up
Couple Tracks Singles 2002-2009

Fucking hell. Now I understand totally where Fucked Up came from. After loving the 'Chemistry....' LP but being totally perplexed by the previous 'Hidden World' jobber, it's nice to hear exactly how they began with singles compilation opus 'Couple Tracks'. Whereas most hardcore bands sound pretty ripped & vicious, FU apply a bit of a good-time gr...view item »

Fucked Up
Year Of The Pig/ Anorak City

What a confusing lot this Fucked Up are.. I've heard them before but they sounded nowt like they do on this 'Year of the Pig' 7", it starts off almost like a twee little indie song with nice female vox (Bono's wife) before the usual guy's guttural blurking kicks in and totally, like, dominates her, y'know? I quite like it, although none of us ...view item »

Fucked Up
Couple Tracks

Never really been able to suss out what's going on with Fucked Up. Being a long time Hardcore fan i find it hard to listen to third generation hardcore infused especially when it's produced to sound like a contemporary rock record. Saying that, Fucked Up have got tunes which probably explains why they are the only hardcore band with any fans in the...view item »

Rolo Tomassi, Fucked Up, The Bronx
Shred Yr Face 2

Shred Yr Face 2 kicks off with a fantastic effort from Sheffield's Rolo Tomassi who've progressed a hell of a lot since the first time I heard them, when they did that 'Film Noir' track and everything. Now they're a massive speed-prog Melt Banana behemoth who'll shred yr face, pull your brains out through the holes and run the fucker over repeatedl...view item »

Fucked Up
Crooked Head / I Hate Summer

We were all quite impressed by the new Fucked Up LP and here's a single featuring a track that was on it and one that wasn't. The one that was is called 'Crooked Head' and I've got to say it wasn't one of the standouts from my one listen to the album, to be honest it sounds a bit muddy and lame.. It's never as in your face as you'd like it to be bu...view item »

Fucked Up
The Chemistry Of Common Life

Wanted to get into Fucked Up cos they look like such a smashing bunch of folks. I tried 'Hidden World' and thought someone was vomiting nails into my brains. I did have a hangover though. So I'm back with 'The Chemistry of Common Life'. This is MUCH more like it. There's a turbocharged psychedelic squall ricocheting through some seriously adrenalis...view item »