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David Tudor Vinyl, CD & tapes by David Tudor at Norman Records

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John Cage Assisted by David Tudor
Variations IV Volume II

Pioneer of avant-garde composition John Cage was loved (and hated) for his constant pushing of musical boundaries. His Variations series was at the height of his abstract experimentalism, with the performances based on loose a graphical score from which the players could interpret what they wanted whilst being free to play anything they wanted and even doing other things. First vinyl pressing since 1969 from Modern Harmonic.

John Cage with David Tudor
Variations IV

Modern Harmonic present an incredible recording of a performance of one of John Cage’s Variations pieces, put together with the intense involvement of the phenomenal David Tudor. The Variations IV gives a lot of freedom to the performers, and they really embraced that freedom: this is a riotous whirl of sound, with the perfect balance of random chance and crafty electronic focus. Pressed to lovely clear vinyl.

John Cage, David Tudor & Christian Wolff
San Francisco Museum Of Art, January 16th, 1965

3 towering talents of 20th Century experimental music treated the people of San Francisco to a remarkable concert in January 1965, held on David Tudor’s birthday. Christian Wolff’s open piece ‘for 1, 2, or 3 people’ shares an LP with a Cage / Tudor piece for amplified cymbal, while the second disc is filled with the electroacoustic excitement of John Cage’s ‘Variations IV’. An amazing document, released by Modern Silence.

John Cage/ David Tudor

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