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Wanna Dance

Wanna Dance is the new album by Italy’s premier noise punks Hallelujah! And dance, you’ll wanna, well, maybe. The band don’t seem to bothered about that, though. What’s in a title anyway? Here, the band swap guitars for synths to play abrasive sci-fi rhythms and sees them casting their creative net into the world of proto-synth punk experiments. 

Hallelujah! / Holiday Inn

Two Italian groups share some 7” wax on the latest split from Maple Death Records. Holiday Inn play stripped-back synth-punk and Hallelujah! play full-band noise punk, but what we can’t stress enough is how lo-fi, overdriven and just generally blasted both acts sound. Messy and nasty and ever so much fun. Hand-stamped 7”s.
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