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Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand

Honestly, who knew we'd look back on this one as fondly as we do? Franz Ferdinand's first record seemed hell-bent on compacting as many hooks as was feasibly possible in a post-punk record, with "Take Me Out" a prime example of overdoing it for the best results. Not much else needs be said about this record of smirking gloo...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
Always Ascending

New Franz Ferdinand! I always felt that Franz transcended the glut of mid-2000’s indie that rushed in on their coattails, and sure enough here they still are in 2017, producing music that is interesting and fresh. Always Ascending features lots of synth action, with moments that even recall ...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
You Could Have It So Much Better

OK so the Franz Ferdinand have a new album out. They already feel like the old boys of a scene which is about to fall really hard on it's edgey, spiky art rock arse. Mind you they've kind of left that art rock behind and replaced it with pure pop. This is pretty commercial folks..... though I suppose they always had that about them. So ...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
Covers EP remixes: PART I

Milk anyone? Not content with releasing a bunch of Franz covers a while back Domino are releasing 2 12” singles of remixes of those brilliant cover versions. Milk anyone? The 1st EP sees LCD Soundsystem's take on Live Alone remixed by Toby Tobias turned into a bland house mix with th...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
Walk Away

First let's get this Franz Ferdinand Xmas single out of the way. It's really hard to cynical about 'Walk Away'. Unlike the jawdroppingly annoying 'Do You Want To', this has everything you'd want from a Kapranos & Co ballad. An opening guitar line that screams "classic" as it seems so familiar before it tumbles into the kind...view item »

FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks)

Definitely not enough of this kind of thing happening these days: a totally implausible collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, excellently titled FFS. The self-titled album brings us something more than just a blend of Franz’s indie-rock and Sparks...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

In 2013, Franz Ferdinand returned with a new album- "Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action". Musically the album can seen two ways- either as a return to form for the band or sticking to a sound that works for them. Well, they always stick to the same formula so you know what to expect, but that isn't a bad thing when it sounds like this. Fran...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

Hi it's me, the "turdlinger" who doesn't like 'Do You Wanna' by Franz Ferdinand. Whoever wrote that gave us a right giggle. More insults/death threats ASAP please! They've proper got groovy on their "difficult" 3rd album, Tonight. The production by Dan Carey is super sharp on this album! 'Turn it On', the 2nd track (ignoring tha...view item »

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