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Frank Bretschneider
Plastik / Mechanik

Frank Bretschneider's two tracker occupies a space between glitchy electronica and techno, with a most pronounced influence from minimalism and ambient too. The A side is all dizzying clock bleeps, whilst the B is a dark, gritty club corner, both impeccably produced, which is what you'd expect from Raster-Noton's co-founder....view item »

Frank Bretschneider

Berlin based artist Frank Bretschneider is well-known for the effortless rhythms that characterise his work. On Isolation, his new album - his second for LINE, he sets all that aside to deliver a surprising and disturbing study of sensorial space. Isolation was originally composed as part of an installation at the notor...view item »

Frank Bretschneider

Old Frank has been on loadsa respected labels like Raster Noton, Shitkatapult, ...view item »

Frank Bretschneider
Sinn + Form

Beepbeepboopbeepboop beepbeep. Who knew that innocent beeps and boops could reveal so much about the innate inability of man to define his fundamentally chaotic surroundings in exact understandable sentences? Well, Frank Bretschneider, for one. With thorough German Grundlichkeit he explores the limits of synthesizers an...view item »

Frank Bretschneider + Steve Roden
Suite Nuit

From a duo of far-out sound manipulators we have two live recordings of new-old music originally commissioned to celebrate a church in Berlin in 2004. I’m not sure what the connection is between a melee of chopped field recordings and the cultural significance of a church, but I’m sure it must have been a nice concert. ‘Nice&rs...view item »

Various (Frank Bretschneider, Richard Chartier, Otolab etc.)

Frank Bretschneider

Ahhhh some straight up techno from the mind of one of the curators of the excellent Raster Noton Imprint. Historically Frank's work can range from the extremely abstract and complex to more rhythmically orientated as was displayed on his fantastic 'Rhythm' record which certainly had a few moments that would really work on the dancefloor. 'Komet'...view item »

Frank Bretschneider & Peter Duimelinks

Frank Bretschneider

I've been looking forward to this one... Bretschneider's 'Rhythm' album still really does the business for me so this is an exciting time. 'Exp' is a double-disc set comprising a data CD with visual work and an audio CD of ermmm.... sound, music & audio. Just listening to the audio I can't help but feel I'm missing out on the full multi...view item »

Frank Bretschneider, Scanner, Dalezy, Gram, Various

Bogger, Frank Bretschneider, Various
Now 03

12" comp in on the rather good Underscan label from Germany. Seemingly an intelligent techno/breaks/IDM imprint, we have here varied 5 acts flashing their electronic wares. Bogger comes first with a skittering, clattering slice of bendy, fluid techno that sounds like It's talking to you in Clangers speak. There's defin...view item »

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