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Foot Village
Lovers With Iraqis

This 4 drummer, mad as a bag of hedgehogs combo peddle a shouty style of agit rock in the vein of Coughs or some other obscure noisy fucks. The drums are kind of tribal and not at all drum workshop which you thought might happen. There are no interlocking grooves or ghost notes or any of that bulldink. Its all pummeling pedal to the metal t...view item »

V/A (HEALTH/Foot Village/Captain Ahab/Jason Forrest)
Remix 12

I don't really know what's going on with this Remix 12" but the names mentioned are Foot Village, HEALTH, Captain Ahab and Jason Forrest which is probably what you need to know if you're deciding whether to buy it or not. My best guess is that these two sides mash up all of the above into two ridiculously fun, gloriously stupid party bangers t...view item »

Foot Village
Anti Magic

'Anti-Magic' is the third installment of screamy drummo madness from Los Angeles hipsters Foot Village. This is pretty crazy stuff, a thunderous assault of multi drum madness topped of with tales of rage sung in both male and female shouty voices. I can't tell how many drummers are on here but it's at least two or three, not the best drummers in th...view item »

Foot Village/ Black Pus

Here we've got a fairly immense split 12" between Foot Village (their 7" was reviewed by Antnee this week) and Black Pus. The Foot Village side starts off with demented voices talking about food until a big load of trashy noise kicks in that Phil reckons is like every train in the world running over his head all at once. He's a sensitive ...view item »

Foot Village
Clubtraxxx I-III

This Foot Village 7" on Too Pure is reasonably fun. 'Clubtraxxx I-III' is a heavy drum banging tune. One minute they're sounding like some Mike Patton project and then there's a bit of a hip-hop punk thing happening with the 'see me at the club' lyrics. It all sound quite tinny and tinnitus inducing. The guy and the lady are squawking and scre...view item »