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Irmler + Liebezeit

Jochen Irmler and Jaki Liebzeit met in the town of Scheer last July to prepare for an upcoming concert at the slaughterhouse in Sigmaringen as well as for a subsequent appearance in the Kammerspiele in Munich. However, they quickly decided to stop rehearsing and instead record FLUT - an album that regroups six improvisations between organ and percussion. FLUT adds another chapter to Irmler’s collaborations. The series includes previously-published collaborations with Gudrun Gut (programmed beats), with FM Einheit’s percussive bass-string playing, and with Christian Wolfarth’s uncategorizable drumming, pushing the limits of harmony and tuning to ever more complex results.

FM Einheit, Irmler, Paul, Young
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B.I.L.L. - Bell, Irmler, Liebezeit, Lippok
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Irmler + FM Einheit
No Apologies

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