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Flying Lotus
You’re Dead!

Steve Ellison returns with his fifth outing under the FlyLo guise and finally, I'm sold. Other FlyLo outings have certainly pricked the ear and last years 'Duality' under the captain Murphy alter-ego absolutely owned but it's 'You're Dead' that's finally made me part with my hard earned greenbacks, and with good'a a f...view item »

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus: 'Reset' (Warp) Debut single for Warp for the much tipped abstracted hip-hop beat maker. Fans of Madlib, JDilla and Stones Throw will know what I mean when I mention the dreaded notion of 'the death of hip-hop', how there's only really one hip-hop label worth checking for, one MC worth checking for. (Stones Throw, MF DOOM). So wha...view item »

Flying Lotus

Talk about a fookin' cryptic puzzle! That cool young dude with the essence of the beautiful Alice Coltrane in his genes has smacked us with album number 4 - if you include the superb essential primer EP 'Reset'. This is what Warp records are truly about. Sublime electronic journeys. They've unleashed enough of them in the past! 'Cosmogramma'...view item »

Flying Lotus
Until The Quiet Comes

You know  - so many things go on these days that I somehow missed Flying Lotus’s last opus ‘Cosmogramma’. Just never got round to it. Shocking isn’t it? A man of my regard within the community. Anyway I will make up for lost time by boldly proclaiming this new on...view item »

Flying Lotus
Pattern+Grid World

The electronic world needs Flying Lotus right now more than ever. He's been branded some kind of wonderkid, and in my mind that judgement is well valid, like Richard James before him, like Squarepusher. On this new gorgeously presented EP he can can noodle but it's all wrapped up in this hyper melodic & dreamy soundscapery that you canno...view item »

Flying Lotus
Los Angeles

Back in the office beaming with pleasure after purchasing some bargain PJ smoothies. If you bought them at Tescos, one meagre bottle costs about the same as a packet of fags. Health rules but my wallet can't keep up with it. That's why Britain's sub classes are often obese & can't walk up inclines without coughing up a lungful of something horr...view item »

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