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The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Something Else

The first of two (count 'em) albums by the Brian Jonestown Massacre this year yet there never seems to be a let up in the demand for their albums. Two reasons probably  - firstly BJM fans are a loyal bunch and secondly their albums always maintain a certain standard. Nothing since 'Revelation' has shimmered quite with the quality of that re...view item »

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe
Cocaine Cat

We all know who Anton Newcombe is  - he's the one out of Brian Jonestown Massacre. We know less about Tess Parks but according to Alan McGee "Tess is an amazing lady” so this should be an interesting collaboration. They recorded this in Berlin and I *think* it's a taster for a forthcoming full length. Brian Jonestown-related stuff alw...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Don’t Get Lost

"If I hear this bass line one more time..." growls Robin and I have every sympathy. Psych/kraut rock is everywhere.  We can't move for it here at the towers. Good, bad, indifferent there's an overload of the stuff which threatens enjoyment of the stuff that is actually good. Luckily Brian Jonestown Massacre are good. We knew that already ri...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Take It From The Man

If you want to hear The Rolling Stones, you should probably listen to The Rolling Stones -- what's wrong with you? But if you've exhausted your supply and are trawling through old '60s psychedelia, I invite you to go to the '90s and investigative 'Take it from the Man'! Filled with endless guitar hooks and groovy anthems like "BSA" and "Vac...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Third World Pyramid

In this crazy world we’re bombarded by a constant stream of information, misinformation and Shiny New Things. In a NR reviewer’s world, we are showered with new / old musics. Sometimes it’s welcome, sometimes it’s not; often, though we just don’t know. Well I don’t know. So...view item »

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe
I Declare Nothing

Anton Newcombe has been busy of late. He’s here (literally  - he’s been in this very office), he’s there, he’s everywhere. If that’s what getting off drugs for you then please...give me some fresh air. Even sober he manages to make music that sounds like it was recorded at the tail end of a 16 weeks bender in a...view item »

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