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Pitch Black Prism

Myself and one of Team Norm were discussing the other day about how Anticon has gone from consistently awesome bastion of backpack hip-hop cool to frustratingly patchy over the course of a mere few years. This time resident beat-maker Alias returns with his third solo effort, 'Pitch Black Prism'. As with Alias's previous efforts, though,...view item »

Alias & Tarsier
Dr. C / Five Year Eve

Alias & Tarsier have a taster 12" for the forthcoming album on Anticon. 'Dr C' Is a heavy atmospheric track with clicky beats and pops, Tarsiers voice is great. Really dreamy. I don't know what's happening to me, I'm going all mushy. The keyboards and bass on here do the job perfectly. A strange blend of indie ro...view item »

Alias & Ehren

First up Alias and Ehren on Anticon. This is an instrumental LP from the hip hopster and his mate (cousin I think). Anyway its boys in bedrooms hip hop-tronica with far too many wibbly solo's (for both sax and guitar) for my taste. Its reminicent of Boards of Canada in places but initially the sounds are cheap and the beats...view item »

Alias, Sole, Odd Nosdam, Various
The Confessions Of Beyond Space Vol 1

Here is a great hip hop compilation from the great Subversiv label out of Germany. It as unreleased tracks from Emynd, Alias, Sole, Telephone Jim Jesus, Odd Nosdam, Passage and more. Its excellent stuff and a must have for any fans of Anticon....view item »

Alias w/ Markus Acher
Unseen Sights

A 6 track 12" E.P. by Alias ft. That Bloke Out Of The Notwist Called Markus. This is basically the point where Morr meets Anticon & it's a blessed union indeed. Orchestral hip-hop with an electronic indie twist. Nothing new but if you like Boom Bip & The No...view item »


New one by Alias.  Average to good instrumental hip-hop with the odd highlight  such as the excellent collaboration with the Notwist dude (who adds typically Neil Tennant-esque vocals while he's there). The rest is kind of dark with bits of detached voices flying in and out of the mix. An...view item »

Closed EP

Also on Anticon  on slightly  more of a regular hip hop tip (but not much) is a new EP by Alias. Its dark, brooding instrumental stuff with no vocals whatsoever except the odd disconnected voice. A bit  like Jel's stuff I suppose but less soulful and more scary and soundtracky. The Clo...view item »