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Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith

Soundwalk Collective team up with the legendary Patti Smith once again for Peradam. The album takes its name from a crystalline stone which has profound truth-giving properties, available only to truth seekers on a spiritual journey. The album’s initial inspiration came from Mount Analogue, a 1930 novel by René Daumal. The music is built from birdsong and Tibetan singing bowls accompanied by the spoken words of Patti Smith.
  • CD (BELLA1064CD)

Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith
Mummer Love

Mummer Love - one of three collaborative albums by Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith - sees the New York avant garde ambient/jazz group following in the footsteps of French poet Arthur Rimbaud. During a lesser known period of his life, Rimbaud found himself in Ethiopia learning about Sufism, a branch of Islam. The group went there and recorded the chants of the Sufi leaders, using them as a backdrop for Patti Smith’s poetry.
  • CD (BELLA958CD)
  • Vinyl Double LP (BELLA958V)

Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith
The Peyote Dance

The Peyote Dance is an album inspired by French poet Antonin Artaud's book of the same name. It was created by Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith on improvised spoken word vocals. The album whips up a drug-fueled storm with only Smith as our guide. Indeed it's meant to, Artaud's book details his experiences of peyote in Mexico. On Bella Union.
  • CD (BELLA905CD)
  • Vinyl Double LP (BELLA905V)

Patti Smith
Outside Society

Patti Smith was quite the thing when she appeared in 1975 with 'Horses'. The album Michael Stipe said "tore my limbs off and re-arranged them in a different order". It's hard now to appreciate how different and unique she was at that time of hoary old rockers. Now you can view her entire career through a new lens as this retrospective collects the best bits of her work in chronological order.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985438461)

Soundwalk Collective with Jesse Paris Smith (featuring Patti Smith)
Killer Road

Soundwalk Collective were pleased and surprised to end up working with Patti Smith after a chance airplane meeting. Together with Patti’s daughter Jesse Paris Smith, the ensemble pay tribute to Nico, reinterpreting her lyrics and sonically representing different aspects of the Killer Road on which Nico had her fatal bike accident. An eerie and woozy stretch of semi-ambience and spoken-word, out on Bella Union.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BELLA545V)

Patti Smith & Kevin Shields
The Coral Sea

  • CD (PASK001CD)