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Croatian Amor
Finding People

Croatian Amor is Posh Isolation bossman Loke Rahbek’s solo project, through which he’s been exploring increasingly more ‘musical’ (as in, not noise) avenues. New EP Finding People is virtually pop music, albeit pop music seen through a twisted lense. Lots of vocals and vocal fragments, including a turn from Khalil. 4-track 12” on Posh Isolation.

Croatian Amor

The Dane with the Croatian Amor name Loke Rahbek is back with more brooding post-truth electronics for own imprint Posh Isolation. A fair few guests join in on the Copenhagener’s fun for Isa, including Frederikke “Puce Mary” Hoffmeier, Yves Tumor, Alto Aria, Lust for Youth’s Soho Rezanejad and HTRK’s Jonnine Standish.

Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin
Buy Corals Online

Loke Rahbek and Frederik Valentin are mainstays of Copenhagen’s experimental / noise / industrial / etc. label Posh Isolation, but here they take an outing together to Editions Mego. Buy Corals Online was inspired by an aquarium and Japanese history, and certainly has an aquatic-ambient feel to much of it. A curious fantasia in sound.

Loke Rahbek
City Of Women

Posh Isolation bossman and the mind behind Croatian Amor / Damien Dubrovnik is here presenting a full-length album under his own name for the first time. City Of Women pulls in many of Loke Rahbek’s aesthetic concerns, with aspects of twisted pop, melodic classical instrumentation and gnarly noise all rubbing shoulders with each other. This major solo statement is out on Editions Mego.

Croatian Amor
The World

The 2013 debut album of Croatian Amor, one of the main musical projects of Posh Isolation main-man Loke Rahbek. The World finds Loke playing around with moody drama, using synths, unidentified noises (vocals?) and, perhaps more surprisingly, melodic guitars to carry the listener through a whole world of uneasy pleasure. LP on Posh Isolation.

Loke Rahbek & Puce Mary
The Female Form

The dark Danish sound of the Posh Isolation label is very well represented by this collaboration between one of its bosses, Loke Rahbek, and one of its harshest stars, Puce Mary. The Female Form digs into a bleak soundworld of droning electroacoustics, keeping the listener at a distance even as they are enticed. Vinyl LP.
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  • Loke Rahbek

Croatian Amor
Love Means Taking Action

Croatian Amor is one of many projects helmed by Loke Rahbek of Posh Isolation. It leans away from the sharp noise he often dabbles in, instead presenting some pretty shimmery synth songs. Love Means Taking Action  is a joint release between Posh Isolation and Luke Younger’s Alter label: one handles the LP, the other the CD.