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Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Bryce Dessner, Eighth Blackbird
When We Are Inhuman

After last year’s El Chan, The National’s Bryce Dessner makes another foray into the world of contemporary classical and post-minimalist composition in the form of When We Are Inhuman. For When We Are Inhuman Dessner balanced the instrumental prowess of Eighth Blackbird with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s folksy songcraft to create an LP of nuanced and stirring compositions. Illinois-era Sufjan Stevens is the most obvious comparison here - indeed, the link is so strong that there’s even a song on When We Are Inhuman based on that record’s ‘John Wayne Gacy Jr.’.
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Bryce Dessner
The Two Popes (Original Score)

Having scooped many nominations this awards season for its thoughtful depiction of one of the most historic transitions of power ever, as well as for starring roles from Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins, The Two Popes is scored by Bryce Dessner, guitarist with global indie favourites The National. Consisting of 21 tracks of lightly orchestrated folk, Dessner brings in contributions from other musicians, including Tinariwen. 
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Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James McAlister

This is a potentially fascinating collaboration between these four lauded composers based around the ideas of space...not just outer space but your own inner space. A song suite that explores the planets and our solar system taking in piano ballads, proggy crescendos and everything in between. Oh and in case you are wondering Sufjan does sing.  

Day Of The Dead EP

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