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Full of Hell
Weeping Choir

Weeping Choir is the fourth album by Pennsylvanian grindcore band Full Of Hell. They have also released three collaborative albums - one with Merzbow and two with The Body. Weeping Choir is their first for Relapse. They have retained Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, who twiddled the knobs on 2017’s Trumpeting Ecstasy, as producer. He seems to know how to bring the best out of the band’s brutal sound.

The Body & Full of Hell
Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

There’s something very suited to Chicago label Thrill Jockey about Ascending A Mountain of Heavy Light, a collaboration between The Body & Full of Hell. Unsettling soundscapes punctuated with sudden bursts of abrasive sound, hmm, I reckon fans of the label’s output will dig this. There also some guest appearances from Lightning Bolt’s Ben Chippendale, Assembly of Light Choir’s Chrissy Wolpert and Sandworm’s Ben Eberle. LP pressed on virgin vinyl or CD in typical Thrill Jockey packaging.

The Body & Full Of Hell
One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache

If you know either or both of Full of Hell and The Body, you’ll realise that this first-time collaboration cannot fail to be a scouring blast of sonic brutality. And so it came to pass: One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache is a furious explosion of screaming and distorted guitar power. Essential stuff for heaviness fans, on Neurot.

Full Of Hell
Trumpeting Ecstasy

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Full Of Hell & Merzbow
Full Of Hell

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