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Seven Stars

Always lovely to get some vinyl from Touch and this I believe is their first 10" record, perfectly suited to contain these four tracks from the esteemed Christian Fennesz. Here he's operating with acoustic and electric guitars, bass, synths and of course computers. Opener '...view item »

Mahler Remix

Oh what is he up to now? He’s sampled bits if Gustav Mahler’s symphonies and created a performance out of them. It’s very nice indeed. Churning billowing orchestral sounds waft like smoke drifting across the sky especially on the first section (no titles just 1,2,3,4 to signify the sides). The opening piece then falls a...view item »


Christian "Fennesz" Fennesz isn't a lad who rushes himself. The last time he put out a full-length album was 2008 so you can bet he's put some thought and effort into the seven tracks here. I'm on my third go through it and still struggling to find words to describe the sumptuous listening experience this album provides. There's something quite ...view item »

Fennesz: Venice (10th Anniversary Edition)

Christian Fennesz is a true romantic. He recorded 'Venice' on location, and the music he created betrays his love for its natural beauty, its unique position in the world and the sheer vastness of the place -- the sustained synths sound like water ebbing and flowing, curling up against the edge of canal beds and then returning. The guitars he us...view item »

King Midas Sound / Fennesz
Edition 1

This record is the first in what King Midas Sound hopes to be a 4-part collaborative series, each with different artists, all on Ninja Tune. Edition 1 sees the unlikely pairing of the group with Austrian ambient magister Christian Fennesz to place KMS’ gothic odes to the approaching winter within the icy echo ...view item »

King Midas Sound / Fennesz
Edition 1 (Instrumentals)

King Midas Sound and Fennesz delighted many fans of experimental music with their recent surprise collaboration on Edition 1. Now we have the instrumental versions. It seems almost a shame to strip away the wonderful vocals of Kiki Hitomi and Roger Robinson, but this do...view item »

Sparklehorse & Fennesz
In the Fishtank

You wouldn't expect Sparklehorse and Fennesz to bump into each other that often, but one bump has turned out to be significant and has grinded out the latest In The Fishtank which I didn't even realise was still a going concern. It generally amounts to a gorgeous and relaxing listen, with Mark Linkous's stargazing country guitar plucking often gent...view item »

Fennesz / Daniell / Buck

I really like Christian Fennesz. Tony Buck's in The Necks who I really like too. I don't think I've got an opinion on David Daniell (I'm pretty sure I've heard something of his before but memory is a fickle mistress) but since the other two obviously really like him then I do too. I guess you might be thinking that I'm gonna like this. Well it h...view item »

Endless Summer

Apparently this is an electronic classic spouts Phil so that makes it 3rd hand info at least. It's by FENNESZ called Endless Summer. It's been reviewed before so I don't think my melody driven heads going to help things. I kind of sounds like its being fast forwarded all the time. Pahhh my ignorance. If you like interesting, unique sound...view item »

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