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Dylan Carlson Vinyl, CD & tapes by Dylan Carlson at Norman Records

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Full Upon Her Burning Lips

Dylan Carlson looks older all of a sudden. Mind you, Earth have been putting out records for some 30 years and, to be honest, I’m probably remembering what he looked like from a picture in 1991. Anyway, this is the new album pre-grunge metal duo Earth and it’s called Full Upon Her Burning. LP and CD on Sargent House.
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  • Vinyl Double LP (SH209LP)
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Dylan Carlson

Conquistador is the debut solo album from Dylan Carson. He was a founding member of Sub Pop drone metal band, Earth and will probably forever be known as the man who gave Kurt the gun. Carson says that the album soundtracks an imaginary western. Throughout he shows his ability to create powerful widescreen sounds, but also shows his deftness at knowing when space and quiet are the right sounds. LP and CD on Sargent Horse.
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drcarlsonalbion & The Hackney Lass: Modern
Modern English Folklore Volume One: Hackney

  • Vinyl Double 7" (WHO01)
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  • Artist(s):
  • Dylan Carlson

Dylan Carlson & Rogier Smal
Elephanto Bianco

'Elephanto Bianco' is a collaboration that seems almost ridiculous on paper: Earth's stoic, drone-infatuated guitarist Dylan Carlson and Rogier Smal, a free-form, experimental percussionist. The result is ultimately cacophonic and sludgy, and more in line with the type of music you'd expect from an Earth side project, featuring a hypnotic onslaught of riffs from Carlson and sustained organic rhythms from Smal. Slow and steady wins the race.   Tracks: Untitled Duch Courage, Swedish Regrets Milkyway Express Via Emilia Green Smoke On The LZ
  • Artist(s):
  • Dylan Carlson