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R. Stevie Moore & Gary Wilson
Fake News Trending

Fake News Trending sees the long-awaited union of two underground legends. Lo-fi pioneer R. Stevie Moore and lounge jazz/punk impresario, Gary Wilson have crossed paths plenty in the past, but never recorded together. Includes guest appearances from Jason Falkner, Jad Fair, The Distillers’ Ryan Sinnott and Black Heart Procession’s Pall Jenkins. On the Tim Burgess-owned O Genesis label.

R. Stevie Moore

R. Stevie moore is the curmudgeonly, misanthropic pioneer of lo-fi and DIY music. His prolificacy puts the likes of Robert Pollard to shame with over 200 self-released albums and 30-odd official releases. He has been working away at his craft, mostly unnoticed, for 50 years. His new LP, Afterlife, is mastered by Kramer and include guest performances from Ariel Pink, Jason Falkner, Lane Steinberg and Irwin Chusid, the man who coined the term ‘Outsider Music’ when referring to the likes of Moore. LP and Cd on Bar-None.

R. Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner
Make It Be

DIY outsider legend R. Stevie Moore got together with Jason Falkner, veteran of stacks of bands and projects (including The Three O Clock and The Grays) to produce Make It Be. Stevie’s music is famously lo-fi, but this record applies Falkner’s production talents to Stevie’s songs, bringing them into full focus. Good-times alternative weird-rock to enjoy! Out on Bar-None.
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Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore
Ku Klux Glam EP

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Aaron Roche/ R. Stevie Moore / Shahzad Ismaily
Cylco Cardoray/ Synth Essiah

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Jad Fair & R. Stevie Moore

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