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Mariska Baars / Rutger Zuydervelt

Although they regularly collaborate within the context of the Piiptsjilling quartet going back several years, Mariska Baars and Rutger Zuydervelt haven’t worked exclusively with each other since 2008. eau, a long-awaited album from the pair, is based on a lengthy, vaporous new composition best enjoyed on headphones! 

Rutger Zuydervelt
Sileen II

Sileen II is a studio version of a performance that Rutger Zuydervelt originally gave back in 2016, when he was commissioned by Musica to compose a piece for the OORtreders festival in Belgium to be played by 50 members of a local school orchestra. The simple structure of Zuydervelt’s music is exposed in this very much slowed-down version. 

Rutger Zuydervelt
Porcelain (Original Film Soundtrack)

After years of composing music for documentaries, Rutger Zuydervelt presents his second feature film soundtrack, the score for Dutch/Belgium/Italian psychological drama Porcelain, directed by Jenneke Boeijink. On this piece, Zuydervelt collaborated closely with Italian cellist Francesco Guerri, sculpting his improvised pieces into something new. 

Davis / Zuydervelt / Fabriek
Bij Wat Ook Moog

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Stillness Soundtracks II

Stillness Soundtracks II by Machinefabriek is the second installment of music he has made with Glacial Movements label head Alessandro Tedeschi for videos depicting an Antarctic journey by Dutch photographer and artist Esther Kokmeijer. Unlike like the lively first installment, the mood of the music here is set by climate change and is therefore more sombre. 

Rutger Zuydervelt and Bill Seaman
Movements of Dust

Rutger Zuydervelt and Bill Seaman have collaborated on Movements of Dust. You probably know Rutger Zuydervelt as the man behind Dutch electronic project Machinefabriek. Bill Seaman hails from these shores and has previously collaborated with John Supko. This album was recorded between Durham and Rotterdam in the first half of 2019.
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With Voices

Tireless timbral titillator Machinefabriek crackles his way onto Western Vinyl with an album of various human voices variously manipulated and recomposed into a shifting soundscape. Whose various voices, you ask? Those of Peter Broderick, Richard Youngs, Marissa Nadler and Zero Years Kid, for instance.

Rutger Zuydervelt
Astroneer - Volume 2

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Rutger Zuydervelt

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Banabila & Machinefabriek


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Dirk Serries & Rutger Zuydervelt

Rutger Zuyderveldt, minimal drone expert extraordinaire, also known as Machinefabriek and Piiptsjilling, once again teaming up with a crazy sound explorer: this time it's Dirk Serries, known for Microphonics. Together they have created Buoyant, four tracks have that deep, all-encompassing heavy slowness we’ve come to love.

Esther Kokmeijer & Rutger Zuydervelt

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Mariska Baars, Wouter Van Veldhoven, Rutger Zuydervelt

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Mariska Baars, Robert Deters, Rutger Zuydervelt
Gris Gris

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Dag Rosenqvist/ Rutger Zuydervelt

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