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Penny Rimbaud
War & Peace

Back in 2012 the Crass mastermind Penny Rimbaud went into the studio to record a couple of covers. Working with cellist Kate Shortt and bass player Jennifer Maidman, and with ex-Buzzcocks fellow Tony Barber at the mixing desk, Rimbaud took on Bob Dylan’s ‘Masters Of War’ and George Harrison’s ‘Isn’t It A Pity’. He spits furious peace atop sawing strings for the Dylan original while the Harrison take is more tranquil and mournful - it’s not dissimilar to late-period Nick Cave actually. After being stowed away for several years the tracks now make it to a 7” release entitled War & Peace. Out through One Little Indian.

Penny Rimbaud
What Passing Bells

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Penny Rimbaud's Kernschmelze II
Cantata For Improvised Voice

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Penny Rimbaud’s L’Académie Des Vanités
Yes Sir, The Truth Of Revolution

During the political unrest of the Faulklands conflict, 1982's 'Yes sir, I will' by Crass was as hard-hitting as they come. Writer Penny Rimbaud re-imaged the piece for Blackpool's Rebellion Festival thirty years later, taking the original sentiment and applying it to the current political climate. The recording features some of the leading names in London's jazz scene. Available on CD.