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Macula Dog

Produced with the help of Ariel Pink acolyte Paul D Millar, the excellent Macula Dog return with a new four-track EP presented on 12” vinyl, titled Breezy. It follows four years on from their debut album Why Do You Look Like Your Dog?, and sees the band moving into slightly more conventional territory in terms of melody and structure. 
  • Vinyl 12" (WCR103LP)
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Macula Dog
Why Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Premium weirdo sonics from New York’s Macula Dog. Every inch of their songs seems to contain some unexpected digital curio, and, when taken as a whole, Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? comes across like a demented synth-pop band playing in a busy amusement arcade, with crazy-mirror filters occasionally distorting the sound. Unusual stuff! On Wharf Cat Records.