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John Garcia
John Garcia And The Band Of Gold

Providing vocals for legendary stoners Kyuss will probably always be John Garcia’s greatest merit, but that doesn’t mean the man sits still. He’s played with a bunch of bands that were a lot like Kyuss but just not as good, and also makes solo albums. The humbly titled John Garcia and his Band of Gold is his latest effort, and you’d be right to expect tasty licks and high-pitched vocal wails, but with a bit more bluesy twang than classic stoner rock. 

Queens Of The Stone Age

Josh Homme and his cohorts return from their latest trip in the desert with their follow up to 2013’s ...Like Clockwork. This time round bringing in Mark Ronson on producer duties. Bringing their sound into new territories whilst still being unmistakably Queens Of The Stone age, it’ll be catchy as hell and you know it. Comes in a wide variety of choices including and indepent only exclusive artwork version.

Nick Oliveri
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 3

The third installment in Heavy Psych Sounds’ N.O. Hits At All series, which presents compilations of tracks which featured Nick Oliveri (Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Mondo Generator). The third volume brings tracks where he was featured as a guest vocalist, and includes tracks from Royale Daemons, Dwarves, He Who Can Not Be Named, and many more.

Nick Oliveri
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 2

As a mixture Nick Oliveri's released and unreleased greatest works, N.O Hits At All Vol.2 is psychedelic series containing the best of a creatives past 25 years in the industry. Featuring both Oliveri's adept bass strums and unique vocals, this is a solid collection of an individual's impassioned works.

Welcome To Sky Valley

Here's a band so good I know a dude whose email address used to be kyuss93@hotmail.com. Now a rock 'n' roll old timer, Kyuss contributed to stoner rock's family tree, mining slow metal aggressions towards an epic and sonorous sound -- with a pinch of psychedelia, because why not? Josh Homme used to be in this band, and Welcome To Sky Valley is arguably the best moment in his rock 'n' roll life.

...And The Circus Leaves Town

It took an appropriately long time but Warner have repressed some of stoner contingent Kyuss's recorded output, including '...And the Circus Leaves Town'. A follow-up to their classic 'Welcome to Sky Valley', it sees the band play a simpler (if no less slooooow) rock music with none of the tumultuousness that you might expect from a band three months prior to their breakup. Those who like Kyuss and bands of their ilk will find an underrated gem in this record, and enjoy them at their most unapologetic and repetitive. Plus, there's a thirty-four minute jammer at the end.


This is where it began for major-league stoner rock titans Kyuss: their debut album Wretch, initially released on the Dali label in 1991 but now dragged back into the light by Warner Bros on 180g white and marbled vinyl. Wretch is obviously heavyweight desert music, but it also has particularly raw production.

Blues For The Red Sun

Their second record and their first classic, 'Blues For the Red Sun' saw Kyuss deliver a pace-altering metal predicated on earth-stuttering basslines and upgrades to classic heavy riffing. If Black Sabbath and Alice In Chains got their chance to be modern again,  it's partly thanks to these dudes. Their catalogue now sees the reissue it deserves, so you can sink into their crushingly patient sound and relive John Garcia's high rock mumblings.