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Marshstepper with Drew McDowall, Silent Servant, Varg
Live At Berlin Atonal 2016

The festival Berlin Atonal have a record label now, releasing selected highlights from live sets over the years. This 2016 cut is a real peach, being the harsh electronics of Marshstepper, boosted in density and power by Silent Servant, Varg, and Drew McDowall, all capable of wreaking havoc on their own. 12”.


The fifth and final installment of Varg’s Nordic Flora series lands via Posh Isolation (Internazionale, Croatian Amor). Those familiar with the previous four entries will find plenty more to enjoy across these fourteen tracks. Weaving in and out of the worlds of club tracks, techno, synth ambient and power electronics, Varg has created another set of industrial-strength electronic music with a heart. Guest appearances come from spoken-word artists AnnaMelina and Chloe Wise.

Nordic Flora Series Pt. 3: Gore-Tex City

Nordic Flora Series Pt. 3: Gore-Tex City is a grand record by Varg (the Swedish producer, not the racist black metal guy) made with lots of guests. Yung Lean, Chloe Wise, Alessandro Cortini and Christian Augustin are just some of the remarkable cast that have contributed to the album, making this a hell of a statement. Double LP on Northern Electronics.

Hvide Sejl, Varg & F. Valentin

The original edition of Brazil was released as four cassettes. Therefore this 2LP reissue, gathering together all four parts, is very necessary. Brazil is the work of three Scandinavian electronic wizards - Hvide Sejl (Loke Rahbek), Varg and F. Valentin. Over the four sides expect to hear the span of electronic to organic: sun-kissed ambience, industrial pounding, and works on synth and piano.


Swedish producer Varg has used exclusively Elektron equipment to construct Solitary, the fourth in the Elektron Grammofon series of releases. The vibe is dusty space ambience with occasional beat injections: the kind of music you can lean back and allow to paint elaborate pictures of future cities in your mind. Solitary is a four track EP release on 12” vinyl.

Star Alliance

Varg’s Star Alliance, previously a vanishingly-limited 6-tape box-set, now makes it onto vinyl. The Varg sound is electronic but varied, with a slightly dark mood the main point of consistency. Oh and it isn’t the racist black metal Varg by the way, I checked. Double LP (with most of the original tracks and a few new ones) on Posh Isolation.

Varg & Hypnobirds
Linje 19

Glacial techno from the Stockholm duo of Varg & Hypnobirds. As murky and subterranean as the scandinavian metro line which titles the vinyl LP, this is restrained and propulsive electronic music designed for foggy cities. It’s got enough reverbed jazz chords and attentive dub tinkering to last the whole winter.