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RMFTM / 10000 Russos

Dutch psych-rock scuzzers Radar Men from the Moon descend from their lunar abode for supplies and to collaborate with Portuguese men o’ drone 10,000 Russos. This is all at the invitation of the splendidly-named Fuzz Club label. The result sounds like a huge car repairs warehouse on a busy day. Great EQ on the drums on this one.
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Eindhoven-based psychedelic act RMFTM (Radar Men From The Moon) return with a new EP of experimental exercises of drone, ambient and dark electronics. Propulsive rhythms, lysergic atmospheres, throbs and hisses of feedback, and deluges of murky synths feature in this three-track EP. Remember, Fuzz Club isn't just a label, it's a promise. 
  • Vinyl 12" (FC110V12)
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Temple Ov BBV
Temple Ov BBV

Temple Ov BBV, named for a Dutch psychedelic scientist who drilled a hole in his own skull (BBV stands for ‘Brain Blood Volume’), is the matching up of the ferocious Gnod with Holland’s Radar Men From The Moon. These four intricate suites of psych-strangeness are the results of a four day session. LP release on Rocket.

Subversive III: Spelende De Mens

RMFTM (that’s Radar Men From The Moon for names-in-full fans) close out their trilogy of Subversive albums with De Splende Mens, perhaps the most potent entry in the series. The Eindhoven group pull all manner of dark and experimental sound styles into their orbit, chewing them up and spitting out a frenzied power-pulse of punk-industrial-krautrock-technoid sounds. Double LP on Fuzz Club.

Fuzz Club Session

RMFTM are the Dutch guys who love both motorik post-krautrock and proper Detroit-style techno! Here on their installment of Fuzz Club’s live-in-the-studio Fuzz Club Session series, the group do not hold back one ounce of their fierce, total-forward-momentum sound, and thank god for that. Powerful 12” on Fuzz Club.

Subversive II: Splendor Of The Wicked

Part 2 in a promised trilogy of albums from Radar Men From The Moon (or RMFTM if you are in a hurry). Subversive II: Splendor Of The Wicked starts off with a steady droning, but soon surprises with a big groovy motorik-party beat. And from there, we’re off into a psychedelic melange of heavy proportions: once the momentum is up, this album rides and rides. On Fuzz Club.

White Hills / RMFTM
Split Single No. 8

A very limited vinyl 10” split from the Fuzz Club label. Split Single No. 8 sees RMFTM contributing a psychedelic piece of industrial-drone full of colossal guitars and hazy textures, whilst White Hills give us a stoner epic of blues riffs and dizzying feedback. This is modern avant-rock at its finest.
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