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Curiosity Model EP

Matthew Mullane steps out as a solo artist for the first time, under the moniker of Fabric. The Curiosity Model EP displays a welcome uncertainty as to whether it wants to be a set of dancefloor groove-setters or whether it wants to stick to bedroom headphones: in the space between those contexts, the Fabric electronics thrive. 12” release on the meandyou label.

Aatropa & Tephillin, Fabric, Herron, Metropolis
Common EP

‘Common’ is the second split release from the Manchester-based collective meandyou. Featuring a bunch of under the radar talent from Metropolis, Fabric (Spectrum Spools), Aatropa & Tephillin (with their debut offering 'Bells Cassette Jam') and collective mainstay Herron who contributes once more to proceedings. 
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  • Fabric
  • Artist(s):
  • Fabric
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