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Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band
Hyper Rituals

A new one from the Leeds-local cosmic experience known as the Girl Sweat Pleasure Temple Ritual Band. If that's too many words, here's a few more: this psychedelic churn church make weird, sleazy drone pop sermons that think up and then actualise free jazz, noise and rhythm hypnosis. This is their first LP proper and we have Sheffield's Evil Hoodoo Records to thank for its fleshrealm existence.

Girl Sweat
Bad Happenings

Who needs garage-rock when you can have garage-noise? If it’s messy, blasted-out fun-time vibes you want, go straight for Girl Sweat, who utilises a lap steel, some synths and drum machines, and some howled / hollered vocals, all squeezed through stacks of distortion and echo. Bad Happenings is the debut full-length, and it’s out on Box Records.