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Adrianne Lenker, the lead singer and songwriter for Brooklyn-based group Big Thief, crafts songs that display a wisdom beyond her years. This is probably something to do with the amount of time Lenker has spent honing her craft - she made her first more »

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Big Thief

Those of you that worried Big Thief were over when Adrianne Lenker released her solo album last year worry no more. Firstly, she’s done that before y’know, and secondly, here’s the band’s third album U.F.O.F.  Apparently the last F stands for friend as if that info means it make sense. Anyway, you know this lot are a decent band - they’ve shown it twice before, so let’s not let an album title get between us and the music! LP and CD on 4AD.

Adrianne Lenker
songs and instrumentals

After the global pandemic prematurely ended Big Thief’s tour the band's singer, songwriter and guitarist Adrianne Lenker decided to make some new music. 'songs and instrumentals' is two separate albums being released as a double-LP and double-CD. The 'songs' bit features - guess what - eleven new songs, whilst 'instrumentals' features - that's right - two instrumental pieces. Both records were written and recorded in April 2020, the early days of lockdown, and both exhibit the incredible balance of strength and fragility that has seen Lenker proclaimed as something of a modern-day Leonard Cohen.
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James Krivchenia
A New Found Relaxation

Big Thief drummer James Krivchenia releases his second solo album, but A New Found Relaxation sounds very different to the subtle yet powerful impressions he makes on his band’s records. Drawn from a vast array of field recordings, obscure radio snippets and internet-sourced found sounds, it’s an oasis of peacefulness constructed amid a stressy and accelerating outside world. 

Big Thief
Two Hands

"I have two hands" - the words of synth wizard Viv Savage. Big Thief are the latest band to do that 'record two albums at the same time' thing  - see also Beach House. So if you bought this years U.F.O.F and are still enjoying it then you can move seemlessly into its sister album. Basically it seems where U.F.O.F was wet then Two Hands is dry both in the weather conditions at recording time and in the sound produced. Here the songs were recorded live with few overdubs as the band showcased their latest batch of songs with a no frills, bone dry approach.  

Buck Meek
Buck Meek

Big Thief’s co-founder and lead guitarist Buck Meek quietly released a solo album in the early summer of 2018. Now, the self-titled effort receives a re-issue as a result of the Brooklyn quartet’s success this year, and shares the same kind of emotional tension and openness to Big Thief’s music. 

Adrianne Lenker & Buck Meek
A Sides and B Sides

Big Thief duo Adrianne Lenker & Buck Meek bring together their 2014 EPs A-Sides and B-Sides on one slab o’ wax/disc o’ polycarbonate. Anyone who copped the records when they first saw light of day will know that these are spare indie-folk affairs that any Zooey Deschanel-types in your life will go crazy for. For those who're new here - these are spare indie-folk affairs that any Zooey Deschanel-types in your life will go crazy for.

Adrianne Lenker
Hours Were The Birds

Adrianne Lenker has been causing a stir with her stunning voice and songs with Brooklyn-based indie/folk band Big Thief. In 2013, prior to her hooking up with them, she lived in Minneapolis and recorded an album called Hours Were The Birds. The album features just Lenker’s voice and guitar and was mixed by Andrew Sarlo who would also be the man in the chair for subsequent Big Thief albums, Masterpiece and Capacity. LP and CD on Saddle Creek.
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Adrianne Lenker

A collection of new and unforgotten songs from Big Thief's Adrianne Lenker. The songs on Abysskiss are much more intimate than those Lenker plays with her band, giving us a more complete vision of her abilities as a songwriter. The guitar playing is plaintive and tender, and her singing is warm and welcoming. On Saddle Creek.

Big Thief

Brooklynite 4-piece Big Thief bring us their eagerly anticipated sophomore full-length release, Capacity. Adrianne Lenker's songwriting is concerned with identity and the many faces we present as women and men. The band continue to train ever brighter lights upon the wonders of the world, while drilling down into the darker recesses of the human condition. That's deep. LP and CD on Saddle Creek.

Big Thief

Big Thief is the next evolution of the music of Adrianne Lenker, drawing in her long-term creative collaborator Buck Meek and, for the first time, a regular rhythm section. Masterpiece (a bold title eh?) has the relaxed, guitar-led swagger of so much 90’s alt-rock, and Lenker’s songs manage to be instantly memorable. Released by Saddle Creek.

Big Thief
Mythological Beauty

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Big Thief

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