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Death Valley Girls
Darkness Rains

As befitting a band with the name Death Valley Girls, Death Valley Girls have a fuzzy, dirty, blown-out punk-rock vibe to them: they’ve got the riffs, they’ve got the distortion, they’ve got the attitude, and the fuck-you vibrato in the singer’s voice will delight fans of early PJ Harvey. Darkness Rains is their third album to date, and it is released by Suicide Squeeze.

Death Valley Girls
Glow In The Dark

Death Valley Girls are a no-messing-around punk band from Los Angeles. The 10 tracks of Glow In The Dark fly by at a punchy pace, with noisy guitars and howled vocals that imply you should probably fuck off out of the way. Their isn’t much space in this lo-fi DIY sound, but there is enough room for some searing psych-guitar solos. Out on Burger Records.