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Ilya Beshevli
Primary Source

Why are they calling him a prodigy? Well, after releasing two full length albums in 2016 the young serbian composer Ilya Beshevli is back with Village green and releasing this three track EP. Primary Source continues in a similar vein to Wanderer and Night Forest comprising of serene modern classical piano compositions, but on this EP he is backed by The Babelsberg Orchestra, they don’t take over but enrich the palette.
  • Vinyl 12" (VGEP034)

Ilya Beshevli
Night Forest

Siberian pianist and composer Ilya Beshevli has a simply gorgeous ear for a melancholy melody, and his debut album Night Forest is full of sweeping neoclassical compositions of shimmering emotional power. Reissued on Village Green on CD and LP: the album’s first appearance on vinyl. Plus a download code for a label sampler!
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP029)
  • CD (VGCD029)

Ilya Beshevli

Piano-led neo-classical music from composer and pianist Ilya Beshevli, a resident of Moscow. Sometimes solo, sometimes supported by lush orchestration, Wanderer’s pieces are grand and cinematic. Available as a CD or on vinyl, with both formats also including a download code for a label sampler. On Village Green.
  • Vinyl LP (VGLP022)
  • CD (VGCD022)

Ilya Beshevli
Wanderer Remixes

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