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Robyn G Shiels & Steve Nolan
Sky Drew Near

Irish artists Robyn G Shiels and Steve Nolan get together for this nine track collaborative album which pits lyrics about grief and revenge against some pretty stunning soundscapes. Haunting and raw, the duo take something of the bleakest bits of alt country and marry it to cinematic, emotional music that is just perfect for that late night beer fuelled weep. 

Steve Nolan
From Water & Ream

Yet more wonderful electronic delights from composer Steve Nolan on Spun Out Of Control -- remember his soundtrack to Irish horror flick 'Sodium Party', anybody? -- in a double cassette encased in a butterfly pack from this most cassette-obsessed of imprints. Coupled with 'Ream', these sounds promise to be as wilfully obtuse as ever. Mostly haunting and disconcerting, we surely won't be disappointed on this score.
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Steve Nolan & Grey Frequency

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Steve Nolan
Sodium Party

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