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Richard Norris
Music For Healing

Richard Norris (The Grid, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve) released his ambient relaxation work ‘Music For Healing’ periodically - one track a week for three months. Now the whole collection is brought together as one LP, something which makes the relaxation experience all the better. Put the LP on, lie down and allow the anxieties and pressures of life drift away from you.
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Richard Norris

Richard Norris, known for his work with The Grid and Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, as well as collaborations with countless high-profile musicians, returns with Elements. It’s an alchemistic blend of hypnotic sounds, drone and deep ambience, assembled in a way only someone with Norris’ experience on such matters can. 
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Beyond The Wizards Sleeve
The Soft Bounce

Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, the pairing of Richard Norris and Erol Alkan, are best known for their space-psychedelic remixes of indie and dance tunes, but The Soft Bounce has them producing a full suite of original material that swims through synth-pop and acid drops. Guests include Holly Miranda and Hannah Peel. On Phantasy Sound.

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve
Black Crow (Erol Alkan Reworks)

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