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Methyl Ethel

Australian art-rock combo Methyl Ethel enjoyed some success with their second album, Everything Is Forgotten. They matched dark lyrics with sparkling melodies and songs such as ‘No.28’ and ‘Ubu’ were among some of 2017’s best moments. Now they’re back with a follow-up, Triage. It finds the band in a more contemplative mood than usual.
  • CD (4AD0114CD)

Methyl Ethel
Everything Is Forgotten

Methyl Ethel are an Australian indie outfit with a keen interest in dream pop. Everything Is Forgotten also has the advantage of James Ford (of Simian Mobile Disco)  at the production desk, adding electronic flair to the guitary pallette. Available in CD and black vinyl editions, plus a special exclusive magenta vinyl edition if you hurry. On 4AD.
  • Vinyl LP (CAD3701)
  • CD (CAD3701CD)

Methyl Ethel
Oh Inhuman Spectacle

Methyl Ethel is the brainchild of Perth resident Jake Webb, who planned and actualised every last sound on this debut album of the project (live, they are a trio). Oh Inhuman Spectacle is a proper 4AD album, made up of melodic indie-pop songs with a slight psychedelic angle, all coated with an electronic shimmer.
  • Vinyl LP (CAD3641)
  • CD (CAD3641CD)