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Kadhja Bonet

Kadjha Bonet follows up her beautiful 'The Visitor' record of 2015 with another album full of sumptuous chocolatey soul, titled Childqueen. Last we heard of Ms Bonet, the L.A. singer was wrapping her mellifluous vocal tones around some highly melodic and harmonious old-schooly tunes channeling the Memphis sound perfectly. Here is a full LP and CD of similar, courtesy our friends at Fat Possum records.
  • Vinyl LP (FP16581)
  • CD (FP16582)

Kadhja Bonet
The Visitor

Kadhja Bonet makes her recording debut with this EP for Headcount. Dwelling in Los Angeles, it's hard not to hear a little of the Flying Lotus / Brainfeeder influence in Bonet’s psychedelically-tinged jazzy sound. She writes and sings electronic neo-R&B music, but with plenty of that spacey flair. This release adds 4 previous singles to The Visitor’s 6 tracks.
  • CD (FP15762)