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Jean-Michel Blais
Dans Ma Main

"Hey ma main!” “Wassup ma main!” “How’re things with you ma main?” “Good thanks ma main and yourself?” “Yeah I’m cool ma main. Say ma main, what are you doing tonight ma main?” “No plans ma main. What did you have in mind ma main?” “Was thinking of going to the discotheque for a little Dans Ma Main, care to join?” “Nice! Who’s playing ma main?” “Jean-Michel Blais ma main.” “Never heard of him ma main, what’s his deal?” “He’s a Canadian composer who has just released his new LP on Arts & Crafts ma main. Kind of Nils Frahm/Max Richter-sounding stuff ma main, you know piano and synthesisers.” “Doesn’t sound like you can really Dans to it ma main?” “Not really ma main, no.” “Then how come he’s playing at the discotheque ma main?” “I dunno ma main, I don’t do the bookings. Anyway what do you say ma main?” “Fair enough ma main, I’ll see you later ma main.” “Ma main!”
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  • Jean-Michel Blais

Jean-Michel Blais & CFCF

A meeting of two minds at the heads of their fields. With the soul stirring piano compositions of Jean-Michel Blais joining forces with the electronic productions and wide scoped visions of CFCF (having produced How To Dress Well among others). Think Ólafur Arnalds getting into trance, furthering the depth of the original compositions.

Jean-Michel Blais

Jean-Michel Blais of Montreal, Canada, sits in the middle of the spectrum of contemporary piano composers, with touches of classic minimalism (Philip Glass), virtuoso pop (Yann Tiersen) and romantic neoclassicism (Nils Frahm) all swimming around in his enveloping sound. II is released by Arts & Crafts.